« Mister Globe 2021 » – competition

« Mister Globe 2021 »

Mister Globe Contest is an international beauty contest open to all contestants around the world.

The pageant will start on 03 May 2021 and run for a couple of months. The « Mister Globe 2021 Pageant » will be virtual competition.   Mister Globe Organization will crown their new titleholders on 26 June 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pageants have taken a huge hit from the enhanced community quarantine due to Covid-19.

The candidates will be split into four continental groups :

  • Asia & Oceania,
  • Africa,
  • Americas & Carribean,
  • Europe

 and then competed in the following categories: Photogenic,  Swimsuit, Sports Wear, and presentation video. The preliminary judging categories are: Beauty of Face, Fitness…

Each candidate must send us :

  • 5 photos
  • Video Introduction (Candidate presentation)
  • a short description

From May 3, the public will be able to vote for their favorite candidates on our website:


Voting System on Website and Judge of Mister Globe Organization

  • Top 12
  • Top 5

4th runner up

3rd runner up

2nd runner up

1sd runner up

And the winner Mister Globe 2021.


The eligibility conditions to enter into the Mister Globe Contest are:
– Be at least 18 years of age nor more than 33 on the date of the Mister Globe final
– Measure at least 1m72

– Hold a valid passport of the national Area and a valid visa where applicable for the designated venue.
– Shall be of good character, beauty of face, with a good physique, with a high level of fitness and possessed of good personality…

Mister with a Causes Projects

Charity – Environment – Tourism

“Mister with a cause” was created by Mister Globe Organization.

“Mister with a cause” operates on international.

Mister Globe spends the year travelling around the world in support of worthy causes.

Causes to have benefitted from Mister Globe include Variety International the Charity in the world, the environment…

However, “Mister with a cause” does not stop with just the titleholder. National representatives and licence holders are actively encouraged to support worthy projects in their own countries.


If you are interested to be a National Director for Mister Globe Pageant or contestants in your country, write to us :


For candidates, please fill out the form on “Apply”

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