Virtual Coronation Mister Globe 2021

IMC Corporation is searching for the most exceptional men around the globe to participate in the next edition of the MISTER GLOBE Pageant (june 2021).

The search for the next Mister Globe is officially launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Mister Globe contest will have a virtual competition this year. It is difficult to organize an event during the Covid.


The eligibility conditions to enter into the Mister Globe Contest are:
– Be at least 18 years of age nor more than 33 on the date of the Mister Globe final
– Measure at least 1m75
– Hold a valid passport of the national Area and a valid visa where applicable for the designated venue.
– Shall be of good character, beauty of face, with a good physique, with a high level of fitness and possessed of good personality…

 Videos :

  • Video Introduction (Candidate presentation)
  • A video in street clothes
  • video in evening costum
  • video in swimwear

5 photos


If you are interested to be a National Director for Mister Globe Pageant or contestants in your country, write to us :


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